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About us   

Our training philosophy is very simple. Have fun doing what we love, while making certain you have a dog you can love life with. We created the #everywheredogs movement to embody our lifestyle goal for you; to have a dog that you can take everywhere you want, and actually enjoy your time together. 

All breeds. All behaviors.

We have training programs for all breeds and ages, from mild behavior issues to the most severe dog and human aggression.

puppy training

Puppy Training

A result of our experience in raising and training working dogs as well as rehabilitating the truly behaviorally-challenged, we have created our EveryWherePups™ program. It incorporates all of the information you need to know to successfully raise your puppy, in the manner that best suits YOUR dog. We took a good hard look at the training industry and created our programs based on the results we work so hard to achieve with your dog, while addressing what we feel are shortcomings in the classic obedience models of pet trainers and big box stores. 

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Behavior Rehabilitation

Offering 2, 3, and 4 week Board & Trains and Private Training Sessions

We believe in the ability for dogs to have dramatic changes in their often, very poor behavior. Our True Behavior Rehabilitation™ approach incorporates our ability to teach people a healthier way to live with their dogs, while respecting dogs as individuals and teaching the dog the rules and structure necessary to be successful members of your home. One of our commitments to you as owners is Unlimited for Life access to our EveryWhereDogs group walks, that are scheduled multiple times per month. Our training programs are all centered around one concept - ensuring owners are able to develop the simple skills and mindset necessary to live a stress free, enjoyable life with their dog. 

trained family Protection dogs

Our Working Dog program sets us apart from other dog trainers. Why? Because we’re the best at navigating both worlds.

We raise, train and often have for sale, a range of working dogs. Several of our most recent projects are working for Law Enforcement agencies, in addition to others that are Family Protection Dogs. 


We love what we do

and want to share

that passion for dogs

with you.



We would love the opportunity to speak further with you about the services we provide and figure out together, which program would be the best fit for you, your dog, and your goals.

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